– The Humble King – Eternally Secure


What a journey!

As I wrap up this little study of Jesus and humility, I can’t help but notice how Jesus has humbled me. I am seeing how I often confine His majesty in my life. He is so much greater than I have ever imagined! Though His humbling hand has been heavy at times, He has proven His great faithfulness once again; I can’t help but love Him more.

Before we end our study of The Humble King, I want to share one last truth I have been learning; True Security is Found in Humility.

In his letter to the early church, Peter offers this encouraging exhortation:

Humble yourselves, therefore, under the mighty hand of God so that at the proper time he may exalt you, casting all your anxieties on Him, because He cares for you.

1 Peter 5:6-7

When Peter wrote this letter, the early church was experiencing a great deal of persecution. Many Christians were being arrested, mistreated, and even killed. In fact, Peter himself was martyred a few years after this letter was written.

Yet despite the persecution and pain, Peter knew where his true resource was; Jesus Himself. By humbling himself under the mighty hand of God, Peter revealed where he was placing his faith. He was convinced; Jesus would exalt him at the proper time, all he needed to do was rest in the sovereign arms of God. He denied self-reliance and humbled himself.

And all anxiety fled… 

Peter understood that he was eternally secure in Jesus. By humbling himself in Jesus, he was firmly securing himself in the heavenly places, untouchable by the schemes of man. If anything was to happen to him, it would have to go through Jesus first. Therefore, he had no need to be anxious; Jesus was in control.

Truly, there is real security in humbling ourselves to Jesus. We never need to fear the future when we are in the loving arms of God. He is good and His ways are perfect.

What is scaring you? What causes your chest to tighten with anxiety? Don’t fear, humble yourself and find the security of soul that can never be taken from you; Look to Jesus.

Yours in Jesus,


(P.S. How has Jesus been speaking to you throughout this series? If you would like, leave a comment below and share, I would love to hear from you!)

4 thoughts on “– The Humble King – Eternally Secure

  1. Please, I beg you, forgive me for the book I just wrote…As I finished reading this post I immediately was reminded of “…perfect love casts out all fear.” 1 John 4:18 The first time I truly noticed it I was stunned by the depth of its implications. The more I ponder it the greater its depth reaches touching upon some of the most foreboding questions of life that many men consider and find their version of faith to be shattered when put to the test. I’ve always tied this verse with the sanctuary that loving parents provide for their children at home. Our parents want the best for us and God does too – immeasurably more so even. Although his infinite wisdom does not always stir in our hearts the epitome of that safe feeling that children cherish when wrapped in their parents loving arms or the stability a wife treasures when she is enveloped by her husband’s strong embrace, we can trust Him. Often you hear people recoil from such thoughts: “That’s wishful thinking.” Or “You just miss your own father that you never truly had.” (Such compassion, eh?) This is often one of the daggers thrown by an ever growing portion of society to sum up your experience as a contrived fantasy of Freudian proportions: God is your genie that makes you feel better about your miserable life that you have no control over. Pathetic. One thing such people are missing is the humility that Christ embodied which you’ve been exploring through this series. True, enduring security is laying down our power and our authority for the Kingdom of God just as Jesus so perfectly did. Life is full of pain and struggles, but true wisdom knows that it’s the humble act of wrestling with these struggles (especially to help lighten the load of others), these random and undeserved trials, that causes the old self to die and the new to be born. There is no fear for even if we lose everything what remains is our salvation and glory – life abundant, fully alive. Thanks for connecting the two ideas for me in a new way.


    • Thanks for your comments, Kyle. I couldn’t agree with you more…our Jesus is the great safe-haven for our souls. He is good no matter the circumstance.

      Praying you have a Jesus-filled day!


  2. This has been such a wonderful series…I’m looking forward to the next…I love how you make things so simple to understand…And open my eyes to the awesome love our Lord has for us…
    So blessed…..
    Leanna Allen (aka Mom)


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