WFW004 – Rescued and Redeemed

What a savior we have in Jesus! In this video post, we take a look at Colossians 1:13-14. I hope you are encouraged by the truth of this passage!

Praying you have a Jesus-filled day!



2 thoughts on “WFW004 – Rescued and Redeemed

  1. Hey Taylor…thank you for your commitment to sharing and studying the word with those of us who follow. I read the verses leading up to the text and the importance of prayer for each other is made clear in that at the time false teachers were deceiving the church. He,Paul, offered encouragement by letting them know first of all that he was lifting them up to our God in prayer and then reminding them of the great responsibility they had to stay strong in their faith and knowledge so that all that Jesus had done to rescue and redeem them would not be in vain….to give thanks for the strength to overcome and making them joints heirs in His Kingdom….o God I’m so grateful you included me in that redeeming and undeserved forgiveness and love! Taylor, May our Lord Jesus bless you and your precious family and continue to give you strength where there may be weakness…Holy Holy is the Lord God Almighty!!!! Merry Christmas Sweetie….


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