Life in Jesus

I hope you are enjoying this Christmas season! Ever since I came to know Jesus, this time of year has become such a special and sacred time for me. It seems that every December, Jesus draws me deeper into who He is…to the point that when Thanksgiving comes to an end, I find myself waiting and expecting a fresh encounter with God. Year after year, He has never disappointed me. 

Alone With God

As I have been walking with Jesus, He has reminded me of a truth that I have been taking for granted: Intimacy with God is cultivated in the secret place. I am becoming aware that true oneness with Jesus can only be had when I am with Him in secret. Only when I am before Him can I truly be transformed by the renewing of my mind (Romans 12:2), for it is God and God alone who can circumcise my heart (Colossians 2:11). 

Jesus lived in this reality. Look at this verse from the Gospel of Mark:

In the early morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house, and went away to a secluded place, and was praying there. 

Mark 1:35

This was natural for Jesus. I am convinced, this was not a spiritual discipline for Jesus; this was His life. He understood that His life flowed from the Father and that to be apart from Him, was to come to utter ruin… “I live because of the Father…” (John 6:57). He knew that the relationship He shared with His Father was the life-source of His being. 

How about you and me? Will we be obedient to the command of our Savior, “Come to me…take My yoke upon you and learn from Me…?” Hear His voice. He is not heaping up guilt upon us…He is simply opening Himself to us. Together, let’s answer his call and find our life in Jesus, He will not disappoint us…

Yours in Jesus,



One thought on “Life in Jesus

  1. I do love Christmas…..but I’m not fond of how busy and complicated we have made it….This Christmas because of circumstances in my life… I have been unable to participate in the “busyness” of the holidays leading up to December 25th. I’ll confess…it’s been so nice…a blessing. Why? Because I have been focusing on Jesus, the reason for the season! I have found that refreshing, “go-to” place and have been freed up from the stress and anxiety that has been weighing me down when this time of year rolls around. I’m more concerned with Jesus and family and friends who truly care. The everyday or night church parties and events, the office parties, school parties for the children and , in my case, Grans, the shopping and baking and planning and rushing and never home to enjoy the decorations that we work so hard to put up. The fatigue! Who is that for?…… as you can see I am enjoying the simplicity of this Christmas. These past weeks I was reminded that Jesus was all about simplicity. He was born into a simple family in a simple setting….the shepherds and the wisemen didn’t plan to meet together and have a celebration….the celebration was in hearts and proclaimed in the Heavens. I love the Giglio teaching video “Singing With the Stars and Whales “ ! Awesome! And constant! When Jesus walked on the earth everything He did was simple because He was about His purpose in life and was one with God….mankind complicates life….Taylor, when you say that Jesus simply opens Himself up to us that’s so good! Because that’s what He wants from us….to simply open ourselves up to Him . He wants us to learn from Him. I can’t learn anything or focus on what He wants when I’m caught up in the distractions of life….so for me… I am making a choice……choosing to limit my “busyness” activities and STAY in this quiet, simple realm of His peace in my life. I’m going to limit Christmas “activities” so I can enjoy what I love doing during Christmas…..baking for others, sending Christmas greetings by “snail mail” getting up early to sit by the tree and reminisce on past Christmas gatherings , spending toon His word and prayer and listening ….. drink my hot chocolate by the fireplace or in my comfy chair spending long overdue time with my Hubby and in all of that, love my Jesus and thank Him for the gift of “quiet” with Him as I celebrate in my heart and spirit His precious arrival on this earth for me and for all of us…..Almighty Heavenly Father….blessed be Your Holy Name, O God….I praise you for the answered prayers in my life recently. I thank you for opening my eyes to so many past actions that I needed to repent . Thank you for Jesus. I’m so grateful for the earthly life He lived and then His death so that I might have eternal life and not death….Your grace and mercy and love I cannot fathom, but Lord, my heart is undone because of it!!!! Please continue to give me opportunities to share Your love and salvation with those who need you today…. and be very near to missionaries who will miss Christmas with family and who may be in harms way. Protect them Lord I ask in Jesus’ Name. And draw sinners into salvation through the sacrifice of your servants everywhere….Bless the Lord, O my soul, and all that is within me! Bless Your Holy Name. I love you,Lord!


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