The Cure for Worry

Are you worrying and anxious? What if I told you there is a cure for your anxiety and worry? Listen to Jesus:

…do not be worried about your life…seek first His kingdom and His righteousness…

Matthew 6:25&33

When Jesus was giving his sermon on the mount, He was speaking to ordinary people just like you and me. In a moment of sincerity and understanding, Jesus addressed one of the most sinister aspects of the sinful condition – worry.

When He said, “do not be worried about your life,” He was not waxing eloquent and offering up an ideal that people should strive for – He was giving a command…a command that he would provide for. Let’s take a look at His next statement.

The Cure for Worry

Jesus commands us not to worry. In his very next breath, He gives us the key to walk in His command – “Seek first His kingdom and His righteousness.” You see, Jesus knows that our lives are full of appointments, schedules and obligations. He is not calling us to abandon responsibility and our chosen fields of labor. He is simply offering us a new perspective.

When we seek the kingdom of God before all things, all things find their rightful place. Our gaze shifts to the eternal, to the will and concern of Jesus. This perspective gets our eyes off of the temporal and fickle and fixes our eyes on the eternal and never-changing. Imagine a life full of certainty and stability – this is the life offered to us by Jesus.

All Things New

When you were called to Jesus, you were called according to His purpose. You were never called into a life of worry, uncertainty, and instability. Remember, you have died, and your life is hidden in Christ. He never changes. He never falters. Align yourself with His purpose before all things and watch as he provides for His plan and purpose in Your life. Jesus never fails – we have nothing to worry about.

All to Jesus!



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